A Reno Tale

Two years in the planning and we have FINALLY started.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 27

Ikea just called and our kitchens are ready and they have a truck available for tomorrow.  We had arranged for delivery for the 21st, so a wee bit early.  I asked if we could delay but there would be an extra charge and I panicked and now I have to find some space to fit 114 pieces in the basement. YIKES.

Lulu still doing okay

Week 26

Will you look at that? 
The insulation is all done and it is markedly warmer in the house.  I am still sleeping in the basement and need to rely on the construction heater. I dream every day of the end and what it will be like when we are back in our living quarters. Won't be able to afford to leave the house, but I will be nice and cozy. 
The city inspector wants spray insulation in the ceiling of Linda's kitchen that is under my deck, so that might go in on Monday, then comes an insulation inspection and on to drywall.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Week 19-Week 25

Looking better and better, bit by bit.

Week 19-Week 25

There is so much lumber in our house now, overkill is my opinion.  But we have passed the structural so onward and upward.

Week 19-Week 25

Linda decided to take out her kitchen floor and put a new sub floor in, with Bill's help.

Week 19-Week 25

Some shots from the lost weeks. The new digs and some photos of both floors that look cleaned up.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What week is it? I have no idea.

YES, it has been sometime since I last posted something and have been pestered by a few folks.  I took a vacation.
The last I mentioned was that I was off to house sit for 3 weeks while the drywall was to go in.  It was lovely there and the cat liked it too. Didn't take either one of us to adjust to the new digs and it was good to just forget about the house for a bit.
In a nutshell, not much has gone on since Gabe left.  It is now April and no drywall in sight.
In Week 18 the engineer, well not the engineer, an assistant of sorts, failed us on our structural. Should have known that would happen, as Will was proud of the fact he had never failed on structural and he should never had said it in the house.
Week 19 the engineer disappeared and turns out he went out of town or something so we were twiddling our thumbs till he got back to us in Week 22.  Will got to work with the fixes he wanted and called for another inspection in Week 24.  Failed again!  Just a few little things that took Will no time and WHEW! We passed in Week 25. About all I can say is, if there is ever an earthquake, my house is the place to be. This house 'ain't' ever falling down.
We are now currently in Week 26. On Monday the city came in and we passed with flying colours. Today is Wednesday and insulation is going in as I speak. I am not saying anything about drywall, don't want to jinx things.  The plumbers are here tweaking a few things and work was still being done at 7pm.
So on with the show!

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