A Reno Tale

Two years in the planning and we have FINALLY started.



Tip #1
Use pallets to store belongings off the ground.  They can be had for free at Home Depot or Rona.  Old hollow core doors from the house work also.

Tip #2
Try to nail down with your contractor what order they are going to attack things, in order to set up your personal space ahead of time.  Granted, any contractor would point out that this wouldn't be an issue if we weren't here.

Tip #3
If you are unable to find a temp home for your pets or to put them in boarding have a place for them where they can stay away and where you can put them so they won't get into trouble.  I have made a safe place for my cat in the garage and I know if he is in there, no harm can come to him and he stays calm.  Cat's like being left alone, after all.  I have made sure the area I am living in is safe also, he has his familiar things around him and whenever he comes in the house he knows where to go.  I don't have a dog, but I would imagine that would be more difficult, can't see a dog being kept in a garage for very long.

Tip #4
Credit goes to my sister for this one.
Bounce sheets for stuff in storage, everywhere and lots of them to keep the mices away.  Check comments for posting titled Breaking News.  Lots of other uses for Bounce apparently.

Tip #5
Make sure your contractor doesn't mind you poking around.  Some people may not want to know what is going on,  they just want it done.  I figure I need to know about my house and I find the whole thing interesting, like a puzzle.   Either way, it is good thing if your contractor is open to questions.

Tip #6
When it is raining outside and your cat doesn't seem to mind being wet, a dusty house is a problem.  They come in from the rain, soaking wet, walk through the house and then promptly jumps on your nice clean sheets with dirty feet.  Keep plenty of old towels around to catch him.

Tip #7 Since the power has been cut from most of the house, keep your flashlights charged up to wind through the rubble.

Tip #8 Hang on to old towels or sheets, as they come in handy for covering TV's and blocking doorways from dust.  Not totally, but helps a bit. Towels are good for the entrance to your room to wipe your dusty feet before going into your living space.

Tip #9 Invest in a shop vac.  I also have a small rechargeable vacuum, it is small, not too powerful but enough to keep my little cave reasonably tidy.

Tip #10 Keep lots and lots of different types of brooms around and more than one dust pan. One for every corner. I seem to spend a lot of time hunting them down.

Tip #11 If you are planning to stay in for a renovation, invest in a really good down quilt. Spend a few hundred, you'll love it. Some flannel pj's too.

Tip #12 Have lots of tubs and buckets around to catch various leaks or make sure the roof gets done right away or don't do it in the winter.

Tip #13 To keep your area clean when drilling, use a clear container of sorts to catch dust. Drill a hole large enough to fit the drill bit at the bottom of the container.

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