A Reno Tale

Two years in the planning and we have FINALLY started.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 54

Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2011
Will came by to go over the deficiency list and he brought along Philip to do a few odds and ends.  It is starting to come back to me now.  Just little things not worth mentioning, but grateful to see some things getting done.  Winter setting in, darker earlier day by day and losing motivation to get my things done.  Oh Well.

Week 54

Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2011
We are starting to get some company again.  The heat is not up to snuff, perhaps when we get some new windows, window coverings and some furniture around it won't feel like a windy bowling alley.

Week 53

Oct 23 - Oct 29
Nada, other than going through boxes slowly.  Finding things I haven't seen in a couple of years, some things in about 8 years as they were packed up when we bought the other house and I didn't need them.  Setting up the kitchen, figuring how things will work.  Just getting used to things.

Week 52

We are both bringing more or our belongings back into the house.  Strange to have my own space and my own things around me again. 

Week 52

Oct 16 - Oct 22, 2011
The work on the fir floors on the main are done and protected.  We have construction cardboard everywhere as there is still work to be done by electricians and plumbers.  The radiators on the main floor went back in sometime around here so we have heat !!! 

Week 51

Oct 9 - Oct 15, 2011
Things are starting to slow down, nothing to report.  But do have a funny story.  While they were sanding the floors on the main,  it was easy to keep the cat out of the main floor area and if he went in no biggie really.  However, it was another story when the varnishing was being done.   The doors between the suites are in and I would tape the doors closed, but Lulu is a big bruiser and he managed to break free.  Nice little paw prints as a souvenir in various locations of the main floor.  And a few of my paw prints in trying to nab him.  Oops.

Week 50

I have emptied my storage locker and I am living in a hoarders paradise. What you see here is what doesn't fit in my crawl space. Stuff, stuff and more stuff.  It is my intention to do the popular getting rid of STUFF.  Have purchased an excellent little book titled Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui.
We'll see.

Week 50

Oct 2 to Oct 8, 2011
Ikea cabinets again!  As tired I am of buying from Ikea, can't beat the price point for certain things. On to my laundry room.  Going in with a calm, positive attitude works out much better. The cabinets are actually white and I have left the protective coating on for a bit.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Saw this at work the other day, thought it was extremely clever.  See if you can figure it out.

Week 49

Now that I am getting up to speed here, a fair bit has happened. 
My fixtures have been installed.  All just like I wanted.  The kitchen faucet I love and I will be taking that with me when I leave methinks. The wire hanging above it is for the under cabinet lighting. The faucet for the bathroom sink worked out well.  The cabinet and counter from Costco had a single hole pre drilled.  Despite the reservations of the counter top installers, I requested them to drill two additional holes in the marble countertop and I was able to have matching fixtures as the tub.  Still can't use the tub, but I have fixtures.

Week 49

Everything seems so long ago and much has changed, good thing I have pictures to remind me what is what.  The radiators on the main floor had to come out in prep for redoing the floors on the main.  Linda has worked hard to clean them up and repaint them.  Not sure how she got them down to the basement, heavy suckers.

Week 49

Week of Sept 25 to Oct 1
So what has been happening? Frankly, it feels like not much, but stuff has happened.
This week the original fir on the main floor has been repaired and sanded.  Wasn't as dusty as I expected.

Long waited for update

Hello folks, to whoever is reading this and have given up.  It has been a long winter and not much has happened, but spring has sprung and so has my interest, plus the constant nagging from you know who you are !!! has finally spurred me on. Plus my snister has lamented, how long can I stare at a boiling pot on a stove? Sometimes I just want to sit around, but that is starting to get old, so if I am going to sit around watching television and having a cocktail I felt this was a good activity.  So hang on to your pants, updates to follow.

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