A Reno Tale

Two years in the planning and we have FINALLY started.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 46

Week of Aug 28 - Sept 3
Now this was an exciting week. No more feeling my way down two flights of stairs in the middle of the night.

Week 45

Week of Aug 21 - 27.
Nothing nothing nothing has happened.

Week 44

Week of Aug 14 - 20.
I'm back from the Okanagan and only one thing to report.  Have unpacked the fridge and plugged her in.  Notice what is the first thing to make it in there.

Week 43

Week of Aug 7 - 13th.
On Vacation

Week 42

Sam and Will are here this week to finish up my deck.  The product has failed so they took that out this week and laid more dry pack.  Will is happier now and they proceeded to dry fit in a pattern that Will suggested and it looks terrific.
This is Sam's last  week as he off to Nepal.  See ya!

Week 42

Week of July 31 - Aug 6.
Okay, okay... Here we are!  I know when I start getting 3 or more nagging phone calls it is time to get at it.  You all know who you are!  That's okay, though, I need nagging once and awhile.
Where was I?  The wardrobe in the bedroom.  It is up and in use.  No doors as of yet, haven't decided what to do.  Have some patch work to do but not a priority so it is on the list.

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