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Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 6 - Day 22

Lord this blogging takes up time. I am still 2 weeks behind and trying to catch up. They are back on the roof today.  I spent the day cleaning out my cubby, as the dust piles up before you know it.  Still thinking about moving to the basement for the space and I can get away from the dust.  It isn't heated, but it is currently warmer down there, and the construction heaters should help.  
haha...I am not someone who normally has a TV in their bedroom, and I guess I should figure out the snooze feature.  Linda asked me this morning if I was really watching Red Green at 3am.  Aaaah, no. 
The clocks have gone back this weekend, so it is darker now, the weather is still good but definitely colder. The roof should be closed up by the end of the week, so keeping fingers crossed for the weather to stay on our side.

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