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Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 5 - Weekend

Lots of activity this weekend and lots of help. Steve and Finn, work friends of Linda and her brother Stan came by. Oh and Dennis, too. We did some demo and cleanup on the top floor but left a big mess up there for Brandon...hahaha
Got the basement 'rec' room all cleaned out.  Dennis pulled out a good amount of the old wiring in the basement and he hounded me till we got all the nails out. Lots of complaining went on about the builder of this house and the big honking nails.  Here is a good picture of the sort of thing we found all through the house.

Marcus the electrician came by to hook up the 220 construction heaters, just in time, as it is markedly colder with a hole in the roof.  Heating up the great outdoors.
It rained Saturday night and it was leaking everywhere, so we have pails and and bins and a tub that we found in the attic, what I like to call recycling.
All I can say is that I am bone tired.  Off to the pub to pay the weekend crew in burgers and beer.

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