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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holiday Update

Another holiday season over and done with. Hope everyone had a nice one.  Here is a short recap of what it was like here. Christmas Eve, leaks galore.  Leaky galore? Sounds like a James Bond film.  First it was in the basement.  The kitchen radiators that had been capped off some time back sprung a leak.  Dennis tried to tighten it but only managed to slow it a bit.   But I see now that it has rusted over and has stopped now.  It had been raining hard so the usual leaks abound and the tarps are blowing off.
Tip: Have lots of tubs and buckets around to catch various leaks or make sure the roof gets done right away or don't do it in the winter.
It is common to come through the front door and hear the familiar drip drip drip and do a tour through the house to make sure something somewhere isn't awry.
That is about it, exciting, right?

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