A Reno Tale

Two years in the planning and we have FINALLY started.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 18

Gabe got his fireman job !! He has been in and out getting things sorted out for that. Very exciting for him, but my house isn't finished!  Haha, Will assures me that he has built many houses without Gabe.
The construction heater that I have been using in my room has gone on the fritz, and I pretty much have had no heat for about 4 days. It is February and still COLD!  Grrrr.  Turns out the trouble wasn't with the heater but the breaker.  Anna replaced it and now I have lovely heat blasting, thank you.
We passed an electrical inspection for my floor this week and Anna has some of the potlights going upstairs and she is working on the roughin on Linda's floor. 

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