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Two years in the planning and we have FINALLY started.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 41

Now is July 24 - 30.
What a disaster.  Rather a strong word I suppose, but it turns out that the measurement that Ikea gives you for the ceiling clearance required isn't correct.  After taking such care in assembly and raising the first wardrobe to it's rightful position, I did not have enough clearance and I have now gouged out the ceiling in a couple areas.  I stood there for quite some time in wonderment as to why my measurements were off.  How could I have possibly made an error? Now these darn Pax wardrobes are made out of particle board and I think most of you know how heavy they are. Manoeuvring them on my own and trying to protect my nice new floors is proving to be a challenge for me but I soldiered on for a bit and tried to think of an option that would require the least amount of effort on my part. After 3 attempts at raising them to an upright position and checking measurements and rechecking the directions I spied an alternative method in assembly.  One could assemble it half way, place it upright and then with assistance, attach the top and one side.  Now I tried, I really did, to assemble in this method on my own and I have admitted defeat. Who, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, would not be doing anything and would come help me like right now?  Mmmmm.  Found someone!

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