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Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 75

April 1 - April 7, 2012
I apologize for the dates of the postings and the events being out of whack.  I will be caught soon and things will be put alright.
Anna came by on a Sunday to finish what she had started this week. She completed the under cabinet lighting on my floor, however the pucks are deeper than the predrilled holes so that will need to be redone at some point. There are other things I feel should be done, but they are focusing on closing the permit, so not sure when it will all get done. The number of pot lights in the basement aren't what we had asked for, more need to be installed,  there is no power in the garage, an outlet outside needs to powered up, the gas insert on the main floor, etc. The baseboard heater on my floor is still not working, so it looks like that will need to be replaced.  For now, it is up to us.  The door bell needs to be installed and the under cabinet lighting on the main, which Linda is taking care of. 

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